Our recomendations

Special of the week

A lightly spicy Gratin Crab meat accompained with little toasted bread.



stuffed olives

Gordal Olives stuffed with Piquillo Peper puree assembled on Rosemary and Oil Toasted.

"piparras"in tempura

A special Green Chilli with tender meat and thin skin in tempura batter..............(May be found spicy ones)

the embassy platter

A collection of Serrano Ham, Iberico Chorizo, Iberico Salami, Cured Idiazabal, Cured Manchego, Blue Cheese, *; accompanied with dips ("Tomaquet", Quince Paste and Grapes) Toasted Almonds and litte Toasted Bread.

goat's cheese salad

A complimentary yet contrasting combination of warm Goat's Cheese au gratin served with homemade Piquillo Vinaigrette ice cream on a bed of green leaf salad.

tomato carpaccio

A collection of fresh Tomato varieties with dressing and an Anchovy Toffe buttercream.

fresh mixed salad

An assortment of fresh Vegetables and baby leaf salad dressed with Xerez Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Option to add Ventresca de Bonito: + £3.95


our bravas

Our special edition of the classic "Patatas Bravas" topped with the Embassy brava sauce and fresh ali oli.

sauteed wild mushrooms

A best selection of fresh Wild Mushrooms lightly sauteed with garlic and parsley.

teriyaki artichokes

A spanish roasted artichokes marinated in Teriyaki sauce.

parpadelle saldify

Fresh salsifywith light Blue Cheese cream accompanied with cured egg yolk and topped with grated hazelnuts.

wild mushroom croquettes

Bechamel based croquettes paired with tartufata sauce and sauteed Wild Mushrooms.

homemade gourmet stew

Chickpeas and wild mushrooms homemade stew in a papillote steam bag aromatized with fresh rosemary.

vegetable rice (large racion)

A seasoned selection of Fresh Vegetables accompained with smoth stew rice cooked in homedade Vegetable Stock.

blue stilton rice (large racion)

A light creamy Blue stilton rice pared with sauteed Green Asparagus.

Fish and Seafood

"pescaito frito"

A mix of Baby Fried squid and "Boquerones"paired with homedade fresh ali oli.

hake fritters

Hake fritters coated in our aerial tempura batter topped with vermouth mayonnaise and orange zest.

takoyaki prawns

Takoyaki octopus and Prawns balls dusted with bonito flakes paired with Green Shisho leaf.

spanish langoustines

An assortment of fresh spanish langoustines on a bed of salt topped with our special "Mojo Verde" sauce.

roasted octopus

Full roasted octopus tentacle top with Yuzu mayonnaise along with "pipirrana" salad and toasted vanilla chickpeas Parmentier....................Spicy option available

traditional galician octopus

Sliced octopus with boiled potatoes beneath,and topped off with sprinkles of smoked paprika rock and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

seafood rice (large racion)

A luscious seafood rice based in homemade lobster stock accompaied by seafood mix.


oxtail croquettes

Bechamel based croquettes with slow cooked oxtail over a toasted parmentier.

chicken wings

Spicy chicken wings coated in a Korean Kimchi glace,sesame seeds and fresh spring onions.

iberian meatballs

Made from secret and pork-belly meat hand-cut from the bone,served on a green Chimichurri pure alongside a subtle stilton fondue.

lamb (large racion)

Tender slow-cooked lamb rib meat served with potatoes and vegetables,drizzled with a rich demi-glace reduced and caramelised for 36 hours.

steak tataky (large racion)

28 days matured Low loin steak pair with sauteed red pepper and bread crumbs called "spanish Migas" toped with beef demi-glace.

duck and "txistorra" rice )large racion=

Stewed Duck rice based in smoked paprika and vegetable stock accompained with roasted Duck breast and Txistorra,a thin special Chorizo.All toped with a Duck demi-glace.


Creamy Baked Cheesecake

A homemade light and creamy baked Cheesecake, accompained with Vanilla Ice Cream, red berrys and Olive Oil and mint rocks.

Mediterranean cookie

A warm and soft baked chocolate cookie paired with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Homemade Olive Oil Yogurt

A lightly smoked Olive Oil yogurt above sweet tomato compot, topped with olive oil rocks.

Crepe Suzette

Traditional crepes acompained with Triple Seco based orange caramel, topped with Orange Bloosom Ice Cream.

The Embassy Sabores to share

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